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  • Easy to Play
  • Continous Gameplay
  • The Sun and The Solar System Planets to Achieve!
  • OpenFeint Enabled
  • Achivements Unlocking
The human kind is doing the biggest space journey ever.
This was made possible by the discovery of a new species. A species that lives in space and is made of pure energy.
Spaceships were built to use this energy and travel trough space.
You were chosen to hunt this energy creatures to keep your spaceship moving and exploring.

This game is for the Tap Maniac!
You will be tapping, and tapping, and multi-tapping!

Compete using OpenFeint, best high score is the race leader!
Unlock Achievements and travel beyond Pluto!

Jump in and out of the game without any penalty on the race.

If played as a single player, without OpenFeint, enjoy the deep space journey and unlock the solar system planets.